(New) GELATO ICE Top Shelf 30% SF.Standard – HYBRID/ INDICA 1/8

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IcE Gelato is a mouth-watering dessert hybrid strain made by crossing Ice Cream Cake and Gelato 41. It looks as good as it smokes, with fat scoops of purple and dark green iced out buds. The effects of Ice Cream Gelato are believed to be euphoricrelaxing and a little sedating. Reviewers on Leafly say Ice Cream Gelato makes them feel gigglyrelaxed, and talkative. Ice Cream Gelato typically has 23% THC. The dominant terpene is caryophyllene; think vanilla cream aroma. Ice Cream Gelato features flavor profile is nuttysweet and fruity. Medical marijuana patients say they often buy Ice Cream Gelato during episodes of anxiety and pain. The original breeder of Ice Cream Gelato is Seed Junky.


Mountainside uses the finest material in the industry to create consistent and repeatable results time after time. How do we achieve this? By sourcing high quality raw material, analyzing every little nuance and then taking the extra step of molecularly refining out any lingering impurities. Does it take more time? Yes. Is it worth it? Absolutely.


Native to cannabis ?

There are thousands (and thousands) of cannabis in nature. Seriously, we’re talking over 20,000 individual cannabis. Every cannabis which is found in nature and by the nature, we are giving them in our products to give you taste of the native cannabis